Koorui 24E4 Review 2023: 1080p 165Hz FreeSync Monitor


The Koorui 24E4 is a gaming monitor with 165Hz refresh rate for smooth gaming. It features a VA panel with 1080p screen resolution and it tops the charts of best selling gaming monitors on Amazon.

This gaming monitor from Koorui is competitively priced and it is coming from a brand that manufacturers cheap displays.

It is a great package for gamers on a budget because it has all the features to satisfy gamers need.

So, this is our full review of Koorui 24E4 165Hz gaming monitor in which we will discuss all the aspects from gaming performance to its design. Read on to find out more details.


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Best Features

  • 24″ VA Panel
  • 165Hz Refresh Rate
  • 1ms Response Time
  • 1080p Screen Resolution
  • AMD FreeSync


Koorui 24E4

The Koorui 24E4 has a lot of potential to offer especially for the price it comes at. We have seen expensive monitors performing terrible than this. The main USP of this gaming monitor is its affordable pricing.

So, should you buy this gaming monitor or not? Well, our conclusion at the end will answer that.

The Koorui 24E4 houses a VA panel so it is not the best monitor for office use because of its narrow viewing angles

This gaming monitor has 165Hz refresh rate and is FreeSync, G-Sync compatible. Hence, it is is perfect for gaming.

It does not have built-in speakers so it is not a good choice for entertainment. Also the screen resolution is 1080p, making it mediocre for media-creation.







Media Creation


Design & Ergonomics


  • Monitor Type – Flat
  • Width – 54.2cm
  • Height – 42.4 cm

The Koorui 24E4 has a very minimal appearance from the front.

It is hard to tell it is a gaming monitor from a distance.

There is Koorui logo in the middle of bottom bezel and the bezels are very thin.

It looks very premium from the front. There are markings for OSD menu buttons on the right part of the bottom bezel.


  • Depth – 17.6 cm
  • VESA Mount – 75x75mm
  • Ports Position – Back-Facing

The Koorui 24E4 looks basic from the back.

It seems like an office monitor because there is no such design or trims at the back.

It supports VESA mounting with 75x75mm interface.

It is possible to mount this monitor on a custom monitor arm or wall.


koorui gaming monitor bezels
  • Thinness – 1.5mm

The bezels on the Koorui 24E4 are very thin making it perfect for multiple gaming setups.

However, they are a little bit thicker than our previously reviewed Sceptre E249W-FPT monitor.

Build Quality

  • Weight – 6.92 lbs

The build of Koorui 24E4 gaming monitor is done from a good quality plastic.

Hence, the build quality is average, but the parts seem very well fitted together.


koorui gaming monitor stand
  • Removable Stand – Yes
  • Cable Management – N/A

The Koorui 24E4 gaming monitor has a removable stand so make sure to remove it while mounting.

This gaming monitor does not have a cable management hole on the stand for routing the cables.

Hence, it is hard to build a cable-free desk setup with this monitor.


koorui-tilt-gaming monitor
  • Tilt – 15° Backward
  • Swivel – N/A
  • Height – N/A
  • Pivot – N/A

The Koorui gaming monitor has bad ergonomics because it only offers tilt function, so the stand is very poor.

It does not offer adjustments due to its cheap pricing.

However, it is not a feature that everyone would need.

Also there is an option of VESA mounting for those who need.

Display & Performance


  • Panel Type – VA
  • Panel Size – 24-inch
  • Aspect Ratio – 16:9
  • Panel Depth – 8 bits (6 bits+FRC)

The Koorui gaming monitor features a VA panel with 24-inch screen siz.

It provides fantastic dark-room performance with nearly the same wide viewing angles as IPS monitors.

It comes with 16:9 aspect ratio with panel depth of 8 bits.

Hence, it can display 16.7 million colors which makes it a color-rich panel.

Screen Clarity

  • Resolution – FHD | 1920x1080p
  • PPI – 92 PPI

The Koorui 24E4 monitor has FHD screen resolution i.e. 1920×1080 pixels resolution.

It results in 92 PPI on the 24-inch screen size.

The screen clarity is acceptable because of the tight arrangement of pixels.

However, the screen real estate is not that great compared to high resolution monitors.


  • Peak Brightness – 250-nits

The Koorui gaming monitor has satisfactory 250-nits peak brightness.

It is decent for a monitor that is priced under $150.

However, it is not the best and might cause glares in a well-lit room.

There is an anti-glare coating on the panel which should eliminate most glares.

Still, it is not the best choice for lit environments.


  • Contrast Ratio – 3000:1

This monitor’s contrast ratio is 3000:1, which is fantastic, and the blacks appear deep.

Gaming on this monitor in the dark feels much more better, immersive, and clear due to its high contrast ratio.

Viewing Angles

  • Viewing Angles (H/V) – 178°

Koorui claims 178-degrees wide viewing angles which is great.

We think the top-bottom viewing angles are terrible.

Also, viewing this monitor from either of the extreme sides should fade colors easily.

Color Coverage

  • NTSC – 85%
  • sRGB – 123%

The color coverage is good with the 123% sRGB on this monitor, which is perfect for viewing SDR content.

It produces vibrant colors bringing the gaming experience true-to-life.

Response Time

  • Response Time – 1ms MPRT

The Koorui gaming monitor has 1ms minimum response time and it has excellent for a cheap gaming monitor.

It handles motion perfectly well because of the FreeSync & G-Sync compatibility.

The gaming experience stays blur and stutter-free.

Refresh Rate

  • Refresh Rate – 165Hz

This gaming monitor can reach 165Hz refresh rate at its max.

It provides consistent high refresh rate gaming experience and the visuals appear super smooth.

Hence, this gaming monitor performs very well in terms of gaming.


  • Black Frame Insertion – N/A

The Koorui 24E4 does not have BFI (Black Frame Insertion).


  • HDR – N/A

The Koorui 24E4 is not HDR certified.



This gaming monitor supports variable refresh rate. It supports FreeSync as well as G-Sync.

Eye-Care Features

It has basic eye-care features for those who want to save their eyes from straining.


Video Inputs

  • 2x HDMI 1.4
  • 1x DisplayPort 1.2

The Koorui 24E4 gaming monitor has ample connectivity ports for a cheap monitor.

It offers dual HDMI 1.4 and a single DisplayPort 1.2 for video connectivity.

Hence, you can connect multiple devices at the same time with this monitor.

USB, Other Ports

  • 1x 3.5mm Audio Output

It offers dedicated audio out port for connecting speakers or headphones.

That’s a Wrap!

We think the Koorui 24E4 gaming monitor is a great choice for budget buyers. Its 165Hz refresh rate very smooth and the 24-inch screen size feels comfortable for gaming.

What happens is the manufacturers cost-cut and bring down the monitor size to 22-inch which feels very small and is not the most comfortable size for gaming.

Hence, we recommend this gaming monitor to those who do not want to spend much. It is not a perfect monitor, but it has a got a lot of things perfect.

Koorui 24E4: Ratings



All Factors Considered


4/5 Good

The display is high refresh rate and is excellent for gaming.


3/5 Mediocre

Design and build could have been better because it feels too basic.


3/5 mediocre

It is not a feature-rich monitor as such, but it supports FreeSync & G-Sync.

The Good

  • Good gaming performance
  • Supports FreeSync & G-Sync
  • Blur-free viewing experience

The Bad

  • Narrow viewing angles
  • Average design & build quality
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