HP 24mh FHD Monitor: The Best Affordable Productivity Monitor with an Ergonomic Stand

Your search for the best cheap monitor should end here. The HP 24mh currently sits at the top of the list of best-selling monitors and it is rocking a super purposeful design with an excellent IPS panel on the front that serves home and office purposes. It is super affordable and it seems like a slightly improved version of the HP VH240a which we have already reviewed.

There is not much difference between the HP 24mh and the HP VH240a apart from the offering of 75Hz refresh rate on our current contender. Yes, you heard that right, you get 75Hz refresh rate for almost the same price as HP VH240a so if you are looking for little extra smoothness and a slightly better build, consider the HP 24mh.

There are tons of cheap monitors in the industry, but there are only a few ones that are cheap and good at the same time and the HP 24mh is one of them. It is an excellent value-for-money monitor for all purposes and in this era of work from home, this could be your best investment to hook up your laptop with.

HP 24mh FHD IPS Productivity Monitor: Detailed Review

The Best FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS Productivty & Ergonomic Monitor

hp 24mh monitor for productivity

Highlights of the monitor:

  • 24″ FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS Panel
  • Micro-Edge Display
  • Easy Connectivity Options
  • Dual Built-in Speakers
  • Stand Supports Height, Tilt, Pivot

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For around $100, the HP 24mh is a near-perfect productivity monitor for the price. It is super feature-rich, probably the only monitor apart from the HP VH240a in this price-segment to come with a stand that supports pivot, tilt, and height function. The IPS display is super color-rich and it opens up a lot of options not only for basic users but for designers and color-critical tasks as well. The offering of built-in speakers and that extra smoothness of 75Hz refresh rate further compliments everyone’s favorite HP 24mh monitor.


hp 24mh bezel free ips monitor

The HP 24mh monitor looks very elegant and suits business spaces. The design is quite similar to other HP monitors but our current contender 24mh looks more like a Dell monitor with its silver finish on the bottom part of the monitor. The bezels are super thin and it gives it a modern and stylish look. It seems bezel-free has become standard for every monitor in the industry which further has its benefits other than just appearance. Those who work on multiple monitors would know what it feels like to have a bezel-free screen. It gives a continuous look of both the screens as the black bars between the monitor would be minimal so working on multiple monitors with HP 24mh is going to be super seamless.

hp 24mh monitor review

The HP 24mh has a silver finish on the bottom front of the monitor which gives a premium appeal to the monitor and it suits office spaces very well. The stand is finished in matte black so that differentiates it from the display panel and makes it look bold and nicely build. The stand has a fairly large footprint which doesn’t take much space on the desk and it holds the monitor very well.

hp 24mh design and aesthetics

You get downward-facing quad buttons for OSD along with the power button at the bottom and they are easy to access. However, it takes some time to get used to. The buttons are not the most tactile and the monitor wobbles a bit when you press them. Connectivity ports are given on the back and they are downward-facing as well. The ports are not that accessible but when you pivot it to 90-degrees, you get the ports on the side so that’s one way to get easy access to ports.


hp 24mh ips panel monitor

Talking about the panel, it is a 24″ IPS panel with FHD resolution. The 1920x1080p pixels are standard in this price segment and it suits the 24″ form factor very well. It gives the perfect mixture of clarity and screen space. The visuals appear clear and sharp so eyes don’t hurt when you are staring at the screen for a long time. The most important factor is text clarity as most of the time they are small in size so it defines the clarity of any monitor and the HP 24mh performs excellently. Those wondering about eye-care features, the HP 24mh display houses some decent features to make your viewing experience even more comfortable. One of them is Low Blue Light mode which now seems to be standard in most monitors which shift colors to a warmer spectrum so your eyes don’t strain.

That was clarity and sharpness, now let’s talk about the color accuracy and consistency. The HP 24mh is an excellent monitor for home and office usage but is it an ideal monitor for designers and editors? Well, if you don’t have much money to spend, the HP 24mh is a good performer. It covers 99% sRGB and the colors appear true to life so editors are going to love it. The contrast is decent and the monitor delivers dark scenes with utmost clarity that makes it ideal monitor for video editors as well.

Gamers won’t be much interested since it misses out on VRR technology. Although casual gaming is still enjoyable on the HP 24mh with its 75Hz refresh rate. There won’t be a massive increase in smoothness but it’s noticeable and the visuals appear a little smoother so that’s great. The input lag is around 10ms so the commands that you give from the mouse and keyboards execute without any noticeable lag. Fast motions appear clear, but at times, the HP 24mh does leave motion trails and the 5ms response time is decent for the price of this monitor.


hp 24mh low blue light mode

The HP 24mh gets four hotkeys for the OSD menu along with a power button as discussed earlier. The menu is very intuitive as easy to operate. You will find a setting to manipulate brightness, contrast, sharpness, along with various presets such as Low Blue Light mode, and Reading mode for comfortably viewing in dark conditions. There is also a mode called ‘Black Stretch’ which boosts details while in dark scenes. For instance, if you are playing a game and a dark scene appears on the screen, you won’t be able to see through it. However, when the Black Stretch is activated it will manipulate the contrast and gamma curvature in such a way that you get the utmost clarity of visuals.

Apart from that, there are 5-pixel response time overdrive options from Level 1 to Level 5. It changes the speed of pixel response time.

HP should have given the automatic brightness control feature on the 24mh. Talking about me, I keep changing brightness according to the lighting conditions, and every time I have to dig through into the menu to control the brightness which seems very annoying. In this regard, BenQ has done an excellent job by giving the automatic brightness in their GW2480 which we have already reviewed and it works excellently well. So, this is where I feel a little bit disappointed.


hp 24mh connectivity ports monitor

When it comes to connectivity, the HP 24mh houses a DisplayPort which is very good for a budget monitor, an HDMI, and a VGA port. The HDMI follows the 1.4 standards which do support 4K resolution, but the offering of HDMI 2.0 would have been great here due to higher bandwidth capabilities. There is still room for USB and audio jack ports but we cannot expect much from a budget monitor.

Talking about the ergonomics, this is where the HP 24mh stands out. It houses an adjustable stand that can be pivot vertically and professionals love 90-degrees orientation especially programmers. So, yes the HP 24mh is also an ideal monitor for programming purposes. The stand supports tilt and height adjustments as well so that’s a very nice thing for a budget monitor and the mechanism is super smooth. However, it misses out on the swivel function so those who share their screen with colleagues to show work might need a compatible VESA stand. The offering of an ergonomic stand at an affordable price tag led the HP 24mh to our list of the best vertical monitors and it is our most recommended vertical monitor out of all because of the value it offers.


Screen Size23.8-inch
ResolutionFHD 1920 x 1080 pixels
Pixels Per Inch92 PPI
Aspect Ratio16:9
Viewing Angles178° / 178°
Color Coverage99% sRGB
Refresh Rate75 Hz
Response Time5 ms
Variable Refresh RateN/A
AdjustmentsTilt, Height, Pivot
Connectivity Ports1x DisplayPort 1.2,  1x HDMI 1.4, 1x VGA
VESA Mount CompatibleYes (100 x 100 mm)


Our current contender HP 24mh competes with the Dell P2419H and the HP VH240a monitors. We make comparisons with monitors that feature a similar set of specifications so that you will be able to make an informed decision and get the maximum value of your money.

hp 24mh comparison ips monitor

HP 24mh

Dell P2419H productivity monitor

Dell P2419H

hp vh240a vertical monitor for producitivity

HP VH240a

23.8″ FHD IPS23.8″ FHD IPS23.8″ FHD IPS
5ms Response Time5ms Response Time5ms Response Time
75Hz Refresh Rate60Hz Response Time60Hz Response Time
DisplayPort, HDMIDisplayPort, HDMI, USBHDMI Only
Built-in SpeakersN/ABuilt-in Speakers
Height, Pivot, TiltHeight, Swivel, TiltTilt, Height, Swivel, Pivot
VESA Mount CompatibleVESA Mount CompatibleVESA Mount Compatible
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Out of all 3 monitors, the Dell P2419H has the best build quality and we mentioned that in our review as well. The stand mechanism feels premium and it also swivels which our current contender misses out on. It is quite expensive, but if you need the swivel function, USB ports, and a slightly premium build quality then it is worth spending on the Dell P2419H. Otherwise, the HP 24mh is the best bang for the buck monitor.

Our recommended HP VH240a is also an excellent monitor but the build quality and appearance of the VH240a is on the average side. 


The HP 24mh is our most recommended productivity monitor for its purposeful offerings at a budget price. It has a beautiful multi-purpose IPS screen on the front and that is what attracts most buyers. The stand is excellent offering easy adjustments, and it also gets a pair of built-in speakers. It suits office and home purposes, and it is an excellent option for any professional who is on a low budget whether it be a designer, programmer, or editor.

HP 24mh FHD Monitor








Value For Money



  • Excellent IPS Display
  • Premium Build
  • Ergonomic Stand
  • Accurate Colors


  • Misses out on Swivel Function
  • No AMD FreeSync

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