How to Mount Monitor Arm (6 Easy Steps)

A monitor arm is a stand that allows us to mount the monitor in more flexible and ergonomic way. Rather than being stuck in a fixed position on your desk, an arm allows us to adjust the height and angle of the monitor to a comfortable position. The benefits include reduced neck and eye strain, as well as the health of overall posture while working on the desk.

Arm is a great way to save space on the desk and it allows us to lift the monitor from the desk and make room for other items like keyboard, mouse or speakers. Whether you are a casual computer user or a professional if you spend spend long hours on the desk, a monitor arm can be a valuable addition to your workspace.

So, if you have just purchased a new arm for your monitor, but do not know how to fix it on the monitor, then this guide will help you do that.

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Follow These Steps For Mounting

Mounting a monitor arm can be a simple and convenient way to free up desk space and adjust the position of the monitor to a comfortable height. Here are the steps that you should follow for mouting.

Step 1

The first thing you should do is to make sure you have all the necessary tools such as drill, screwdriver and any mounting hardware that came with the arm box.

Step 2

Afterwards you should determine the best location for the arm. The arm should be mounted to a sturdy surface like a desk or wall so that it does not fall and should be at an optimum height for the best comfort.

Step 3

Use the drill to make required holes in the surface where you will be mounting the arm. However, most modern monitor arms do not require holes because of the clamp.

Step 4

The next step is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and attach the necessary parts to the arm.

Step 5

Tighten the screws with the help of hex keys provided in the box, and make sure that the parts do not fall by shaking it a little bit.

Step 6

At last, attach the monitor by lifting it and positioning it with the arm. Modern computer monitor arms have click mechanism which should produce a click sound after the successful mounting.

With a little bit of time and effort, you can easily mount an arm to improve the ergonomics and convenience of your workspace.

Benefits of Monitor Arm

Many professionals are not aware of the benefits and the value a monitor arm provides, so here are the main advantages which should convince you to purchase a new arm for your setup.

1. Excellent Ergonomics

An arm permits you to adjust the height and position of the monitor to a correct position that stays easy to your eyes as well as body. It helps reduce neck and eye strain and prevents muscle fatigue.

2. Clear Desk

Arm clears up your working desk space by lifting the monitor above the desk by attaching it to the arm, providing more room for accessories and other equipements. It highly benefits small desks where space is a big problem.

3. Healthy Posture

A flexible arm improves the posture of your body by allowing you to adjust the position of the monitor to an easily viewable height. It also helps reduce back and neck pain and improves the overall comfort while working for prolonged hours.

4. Boosts Productivity

It boosts productivity and takes your efficiency to the next level. Arm increases comfort, allowing you to work for longer hours while making you less fatigue at the end of the day.

5. Looks Better

Mounting your monitor on a custom arm can add modern touch to your desk which can benefit you if you have friends or clients coming to your office.

6. Enhanced Flexibility

Lastly, the arm allows you to easily adjust the position of your monitor as per your requirements which is useful if you share your workspace with your colleagues or frequently change your work setup.

That’s a Wrap!

Whether or not you should mount your monitor on a custom arm depends on your requirements and choices, but it is always good to do so because of the increased ergonomics and flexibility.

I highly recommend that if you are a professional, then monitor arm should be an important hardware because it directly changes your posture and help you stay healthy over time.

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