How to Get Rid of Harmful Blue Light on Computer Monitor?


Every computer monitor emits harmful blue light while displaying content on the screen. Consumers might not realise this but they face severe headache or feel fatigue after prolonged use of computer. It may result in permanent eye-strain or hinder your vision.

In this article, I will guide you how to effectively use eye-care features to eliminate harmful blue light from the screen. Most computer monitors that you see in the market come equipped with eye-care features.

One of the features you will see in the eye-care menu is low blue light or some manufacturers call it reading mode. Turn it on to immediately to reduce the effect of blue light from the screen.

How to Enable Low Blue Light Mode on Monitor?

There are several ways to enable low blue light mode, since it differs from brand-to-brand. Here is how you can enable low blue light mode on any computer monitor.

1. Lookout for the OSD Menu control buttons or joystick on the monitor. It might be on the back, left, right, or on the bottom part of the monitor.

2. Check out the eye-care features on the menu and look for low blue light or reading mode in the menu

3. Some monitors might have different level of options for blue light reduction, while some might have fixed low blue light mode.

If your monitor does not have low blue light mode, do not worry because Windows and MacOS has this feature built-in to the system to save your eyes from harmful blue light.

Here is how you can enable low blue light mode on Windows 11

How to Enable Low Blue Light Mode on Windows 11?

Image Source – Windows

1. Open Settings of your PC

2. Then go in to the System > Display

3. Click on the Night Light

4. You can adjust the Strength of the Night Light and also set hours for it to automatically enable and disable.

5. For quick access of Night Light from the Desktop, click on the Wi-Fi logo on the right-side of the Taskbar.

6. Click on + icon and add Night Light.

7 This will let you enable or disable Night Light with a single click from the Desktop.

How to Enable Low Blue Light Mode on MacOS

1. Press Command+Space and search for Settings or System Preferences and then press Enter.

spotlight search macos

2. Click on the Displays > Night Shift

settings menu mac os

3. You will get three options for Scheduling the Night Shift: Off, Custom & Sunset to Sunrise

night shift settings mac os

4. The best I recommend is the Sunset to Sunrise or else you can also set custom hours for Night Shift.

night shift mac os

5. You can also adjust the color temperature of Night Shift by dragging the slider left and right.

7. Another way to enable Night Shift on Mac is from the Control Centre on the top

Display control centre macos

8. Click on the Control Center Icon on Status Bar at the top

9. Click on Display, and the Night Shift button should appear there.

Other Ways to Reduce the Effect of Blue Light

Apart from aforementioned ways, there are some ways that further reduce the effect of harmful blue light to the eyes.

Those who do color-critical tasks, we recommend wearing a blue-light cut glasses, because enabling the low blue light feature increases the color temperature of the screen.

It will affect your quality of work since you will not be able to achieve required color accuracy.

Always keep the room softly-lit to make it comfortable for your eyes to stare at the screen for prolonged hours.

If you experience eye-strain or headache even after implementing these ways, take small breaks and stare at a far distance while doing work.

This will relax your eyes and make you feel comfortable. Also, use artificial tears to keep your eyes wet and lubricated.

Small monitors can also make your eyes-strain, so we recommend using a large monitor for efficient reading and save your eyes from hurting.

That’s a Wrap!

These are my tips for eliminating the effect of harmful blue light from the screen. I use these ways in our office and I am sure these tips will help you achieve a comfortable eye-strain free viewing experience.

If you have any queries, do comment down below and I will be happy to answer them all.

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