How to Fix Check Signal Cable Error on Samsung TV?


If you are seeing check signal cable error on your Samsung TV, then you should not panic because this is a common problem and it can be fixed easily in no time. In this guide, I will share some steps that will help you troubleshoot this error.

I will also share some causes of this error so next time it will easy for you to figure out the main culprit causing this error. A damaged or loose cable is the main cause of this problem, but I will also share some advanced troubleshooting steps.

Hence, at the end of this post, you will have a good understand of how to fix check signal cable error on your Samsung TV.

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How to Fix Check Signal Error?

Here are some steps that you can apply to fix your check signal cable error, these steps are easy and can be taken at home without seeking any expert help.

  1. The first step you need to take is check the cable connection. The cables that are connected between the TV or other devices like satellite box are securely plugged. Check for any damage on the cable because that can make your TV malfunction.
  2. Unplug the TV from the wall outlet, then I would suggest you to wait for a few minutes, and then plug it back again. It resets the TV and fixes connectivity issues in most cases.
  3. Then I would recommend you to check whether the TV is set to the right input source. For an instance, if you have made connection through HDMI, then make sure HDMI is selected as input source in your TV.
  4. Running in your TV in outdated software can cause instability issues. Check for latest updates and update it to the latest version. For doing this, go to Settings and then look for About or Software options and from there you will be able to update your TV.
  5. Even after doing all the above steps, the issue still persists, the best thing I would recommend to do is contact Samsung support for more help because they will be able to help you and replace the TV if in warranty.

I hope this steps help you get your TV working again.

How to Check Warranty Status?

There are a few different ways you can check if your Samsung TV is still under warranty:

1. Check Packaging

If you have kept the box of your TV, then there should be a label or sticker showing warranty information. Or else you can also check the manual and once you find the warranty information, check for the terms and conditions.

2. Check the TV

Some models of Samsung televisions have warranty details on the TV itself in the form of sticker or label. Check for that and do not forget to check the expiry as well.

3. Check Samsung Website

Another way to check you Samsung’s TV warranty is by accessing the Samsung website and entering the serial number of your TV. You can find the serial number in your TV settings.

4. Contact Customer Service

If none of these methods help you find the warranty details, contact Samsung customer care because they will have all the details of your TV in their records and they will escalate this issue in no time.

I hope these method help you find the warranty status of your TV. In most cases, this information can be easily accessed the methods I have shared are the most common.

That’s a Wrap!

Check signal cable error is a common problem and a lot of people experience this issues due to some basic mistakes like loose or damaged cable. This can be fixed at home without receiving help from any professional.

However, if there is a hardware problem or a part failure, then only guys at Samsung will be able to help in this case. For more information you can contact Samsung customer service or call their customer care number.

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