How to Connect Hard-Drive to Computer Monitor?


Buying a monitor require a lot of research these days especially with the advancement in technology, it requires knowledge and right decision to buy a perfect monitor. It is common to get confused considering the amount of features and connectivity ports computer monitors have.

Many computer monitors have ports that buyers do not even have knowledge about. Some professional monitors have USB ports, and USB ports come in different variants, so in this article I will guide you on how to connect hard-drive to a computer monitor.

Easy Steps to Connect Hard-Drive to Monitor

If you are a media creator, or editor who uses hard-drive on daily basis, then this article is going to be super useful for you.

If you want to connect a hard-drive to your computer monitor, then the monitor should have at least a single USB Type-A downstream port and an USB upstream port.

Ports on the LG 32UP550-W

1. To activate the USB ports of monitor, you will need to connect the monitor with the PC using the USB upstream port on the monitor.

2. Most monitors have only one upstream port and they come in either Type-B or Type-C forms. In the image above, that monitor has upstream port in USB Type-C form.

3. The connection can be made simply with the USB cable given in the monitor’s box or you can purchase compatible USB cable from Amazon.

usb type-b to type-a cable male

4 The cable has to be USB Type-B Male to Type-A Male or Type-C Male to Type-A Male.

4. Once you successfully make the connection, the monitor’s USB Type-A ports will be activated.

hard-drive to computer monitor

5. Now you will be able to connect hard-drive or any other USB accessories like keyboard, mouse, or pen-drives directly to the computer monitor.

That’s a Wrap!

That’s my simple explanation on how to connect hard-drive to the computer monitor. It is an easy process, and I think it makes it easy for you to connect USB accessories directly to the monitor instead of consuming the ports of your laptop or PC.

The main benefit of this is that you do not have to bend down if your PC is down the desk, you can directly access your accessories from the desk itself.

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