Do PC Monitors have Webcam?

Webcams are one of the most demanded features in this era of video conferencing and online meetings. It has reached the highest peak after the pandemic as people are making online meetings as the standard way of communication for business and studying purposes.

If you are wondering whether the monitors have webcam or not then let me tell you, earlier monitors did not come with webcams, but after the surge of online meetings, manufacturers are starting to push webcams within the monitor, so that you do not have to buy it separately.

Of course, it is a great idea since monitors are now not only just displays, but they are evolving at a great pace. I have seen monitors having a dedicated OS, making them smart enough to do things beyond the boundaries.

Having a webcam on monitors is a great leap towards upgrading the capability of them, already most of them have speakers, but a very rare of them come with a built-in webcam.

Due to this, monitors with webcam are treated like special edition, and they usually come at a very high price due to less competition.

We already have a buying guide on best monitors for video-conferencing that have built-in webcams, microphone, and speakers, making them a complete package for online meetings.

Are there any Monitors with Webcam?

Well, there are not many models when it comes to monitors with webcam, but we have searched the best one from the industry for you guys.

Dell S2422HZ with webcam

Best Features

  • 1080p IPS Panel
  • Webcam & Microphone
  • Dual 5W Speakers
  • USB-C Connectivity
  • Fully Adjustable Stand

The best of the best we think is the Dell S2422HZ which houses a webcam with microphone and speakers. It is a 1080p IPS business monitor for work and video-conferencing use. The pricing of this monitor is around $200 which is reasonable and easy to approach for most buyers.

lg 24bp750-c front design
LG 24BP750C-B with webcam

Best Features

  • 1080p IPS Panel
  • Built-in Webcam
  • Fully Adjustable Stand
  • HDR 10
  • VESA Mount Compatible

The LG 24BP750C-B (read review) is also an excellent business monitor with webcam and it offers fantastic ergonomics, but the price is very premium and you still get 1080p resolution.

ASUS BE24EQK with webcam

Best Features

  • 24″ FHD IPS Display
  • Built-in Webcam
  • Built-in Microphone
  • Low Blue Light Mode
  • VESA Mountable

Another monitor we like is the ASUS BE24EQK. It is also a 1080p monitor with IPS technology for business use and online meetings. This monitor is also great for live-streaming your projects and showing tutorials.

The VG2440V from ViewSonic is also a great choice as it comes with integrated webcam, speakers, and microphones. It is a complete package for business because it offers an adjustable stand and a clear IPS panel for viewing.

All these monitors are 1080p and have identical specifications with minor differences. We recommend you to read the full reviews of these monitors to make an informed decision.

Should You Buy a Monitor with Webcam?

If you are thinking of purchasing a monitor with webcam for your business use or online classes, then this article will answer whether you should buy it or not.

I personally think that right now it does not make a huge sense in buying a monitor with webcams, since the prices are high as I said due to the less competition and the number of models are very low, so you do not get much options.

In the below part, still I will be sharing some information which should clear your doubt whether you should buy a monitor with webcam or without webcam and later attach a webcam to it.

Buying a monitor without webcam and attaching an external webcam makes more sense

This technology of built-in webcams is still in evolving phase, lets consider the Dell S2422HZ which costs around $200.

Its without webcam model Dell S2421HS costs around $170, so for the extra $30, you get a built-in webcam.

Whereas a good external webcam from a reputed brand like Logitech would cost you around $70-$80.

Monitors with built-in webcam might not give you the best video-audio clarity, but it gets the job done.

What I would recommend here is to get a cheap 1080p IPS monitor around $120 and spend the rest $60 on an external webcam with good video-audio clarity.

The major drawback of monitors with built-in webcam we think is that it requires an additional USB cable to make the webcam and microphone work because the HDMI and DisplayPort still does not support cameras and microphones.

What is the point of built-in webcam when it cannot be worked over a single cable? Instead I would highly recommend you to get a monitor without webcam and attach a good external webcam later because that will open up a lot of options for you.

That’s a Wrap!

This was all about the monitors with webcam. There are some positives and the negatives, but I think it is more on the negative side. One of the reasons I think is because there not many options, and the built-in webcams are not as good as the external ones.

Hence, it does not seem worth to spend some extra bucks for built-in webcam, instead I would recommend getting a cheap monitor and club it with a good high-quality webcam for the best video conferencing and online meetings experience.

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