Do Dell Computer Monitors Have Speakers?

do dell monitors have speakers

Dell is an established brand for PC computer and peripherals. Many buyers think whether the Dell monitors have built-in speakers or not. In this article, we will cover this topic and answer your question, we will also share some information regarding the audio capabilities of Dell monitors.

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Do Dell Monitors Have Speakers?

First of all let’s discuss the question – Do Dell monitors have speakers? In simple words, the Dell monitors do have built-in speakers, but it depends mainly on model-to-model.

Dell monitors come in variety of options with different features and capabilities. While some monitors are designed to use in office, while some are for gaming purpose. The addition of built-in speakers depends on the model and price of the monitor.

Older monitors did not have speakers, but the most newer ones have this feature for hearing audio right out of the box, and some also offer webcam for video conferencing.

Dell S2723HC with speakers

For example, the Dell S2721QS is a popular 27-inch monitor that has built-in speakers. It has UHD resolution and wide viewing angles, with dual 3 Watts built-in speakers that provide clear and crisp sound.

On the other hand, the Dell P2422HE is a 24-inch monitor that doesn’t have built-in speakers. It’s a basic, budget-friendly monitor that is suitable for everyday use in an office setting. It has a Full HD resolution and a slim design, but it doesn’t have any additional features like speakers.

Dell S722QC With Speakers
Dell S2722QC with speakers
Dell Monitors With Speakers
Dell S2722DZ monitor with speakers & webcam

In general, if you want a Dell monitor with built-in speakers, you will need to look for a model that is specifically designed for that purpose. Some popular options include the Dell C2423H, Dell S2722QC, Dell S2722DZ, and many more, but there are many other options available as well.

You can check the specifications of a particular Dell monitor to see if it has built-in speakers, or you can look for monitors that are specifically marketed as having built-in speakers.

Quick Tip: If you are searching for monitors with speakers, do read our guide where we have listed some top rated monitors with speakers.

How to Check if Your Dell Monitor Has Speakers?

To check if your Dell monitor has built-in speakers, do check the below steps to find out:

  1. Visit the Dell official website and browse their monitor section
  2. Select the monitor that you own or the one that you want to check specifications of.
  3. Look for Technical Specifications of the monitor and search for Audio or Speakers by pressing Cmd+F or Control+F.
  4. If the monitor has speakers, then it will show specs or audio output like 2x 3Watts.
  5. If there are not matches found for your search, then the monitor would not have built-in speakers.

Apart from this, you can check the documentation book that came within the box of monitor. It should include the information related to monitor audio functions, including whether it has speakers or not.

Still, if you do not find any information, then you can contact Dell customer support team for more information. They will be able to provide you with latest information and update of your current monitor

How Do I Get Sound on My Dell Monitor?

If your monitor does not have speakers, the only way to get sound on your monitor is by connecting an external source. Most budget Dell monitors do not have speakers, so it will require you to use external speakers or headphones to hear sound from monitor.

Follow these steps to get sound on your Dell monitor:

  1. Check whether the external speakers or headphones are switched on and securely connected to the audio source.
  2. Connect the audio device to the monitor with the help of audio input options because most Dell monitor have this feature.
  3. 3.5mm Audio Jack: The best way to connect any audio device to your monitor is by using the 3.5mm audio jack on the monitor. It is the easiest option because of the availability of it in audio devices.
  4. HDMI: All the PC monitors have HDMI port and HDMI port supports audio along with the video, so HDMI is also a good option to get audio on your Dell monitor.
  5. DisplayPort: Some Dell monitors also have a DisplayPort, which can be used to connect the audio source to the monitor. This is one of the most common options for connecting a computer or other video source to the monitor.
  6. Once the connection is securely made, you should be able to hear audio from the speakers or headphones.
  7. If the sound is till not coming, I would suggest you to check the volume settings on your monitor and make sure the levels are up and not tuned down. You may also need to change the sound output settings to ensure the sound output from the required source.

In summary, to get sound on a Dell monitor, you will need to connect the monitor to an external audio source and make sure that the audio settings are properly configured.

Most Dell monitors do not have built-in speakers, so you will need to use external speakers or headphones to hear sound from the monitor.

That’s a Wrap!

Whether or not Dell monitors have speakers or not, but you can hear audio with the help of audio output function in the monitor. I hope that this guide helped you get the information you are looking for.

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