Dell SE2722HX Review 2023: 1080p 75Hz VA FreeSync


The Dell SE2722HX is an office monitor with 1080p screen resolution for reading and business purposes. It is a 27-inch monitor with VA panel, but the connectivity is not that rich and the stand offers only tilt function. For around $200, the Dell SE2722HX is a decent display, but lacks a lot of features.

It is a basic monitor, but we think it suits dark-rooms better because of its high contrast ratio. We only recommend IPS monitors for office, but this is a great choice if you are someone who works in the dark-environments. We think you will find a lot of better options with elegant design, but for business use, this is a perfect monitor because of its excellent build quality.


Best Features

  • 27″ VA Panel
  • 1080p Resolution
  • 75Hz Refresh Rate
  • AMD FreeSync
  • Blue Light Filter
  • Dell Easy Arrange
  • VESA Mount


Dell SE2722HX

The Dell SE2722HX is our recommended business monitor for dark-room usage. It offers excellent contrast ratio, a strong build quality, but lacks a lot of features like built-in speakers, adjustable stand, and rich connectivity.

The Dell SE2722HX has a VA panel with proper eye-care tech which makes it a great monitor for reading and office use.

This monitor also has AMD FreeSync, so it is great for casual gaming, but is not for enthusiasts.

It does not have built-in speakers so it is not a good choice for entertainment, also there is no HDR or high-resolution screen for professional level media creation.







Media Creation


Design & Ergonomics



Monitor Type – Flat
Width – 62.33 cm
Height45.9 cm

The Dell SE2722HX has a very clean appearance from the front and it comes finished in black color, making it suitable for corporate spaces. It does not look elegant because the bezels are quite thick

There is Dell logo in the middle of bottom bezel and the stand has rectangle footprint with curvy design from one side and that looks decent on the desk.



Depth19.9 cm
VESA Mount – 100x100mm
Ports Position – Down-Facing

The Dell SE2722HX has a clean design from the back and it seems a little bit thick. There is Dell branding on the back with down-facing connectivity ports.

It supports VESA mounting with 100x100mm interface and it is possible to mount this monitor on a custom monitor arm or wall for adjustments.



Thinness – N/A

The bezels on the Dell SE2722HX are quite thick and noticeable which gives a muscular look to the monitor and that makes the build quality very good.

Multiple monitors would not be the best fit with this monitor due to its thick bezels.

Build Quality


Weight10.21 lbs

The Dell SE2722HX has decent build quality and is heavier than other 27-inch monitors. It weighs 10.21 lbs to be precise.

The parts are made up of plastic, but they seem to be of very good quality. Also the part seem very well fitted together as there are no noticeable gaps.



Removable Stand – Yes
Cable Management – Yes

The Dell SE2722HX has a removable stand so when you mount this monitor, it needs to be removed.

This monitor also has a cable management clip on the stand for routing the cables. Hence, it is hard to build a cable-free setup with this monitor.



Tilt – 21° Backward, 5° Forward
Swivel – N/A
Height – N/A
Pivot – N/A

The Dell SW2722HX has terrible ergonomics since it only offers tilt function, making it poor ergonomically.

However, the backward tilt range is wide because most monitors go only 15-degrees backward.

Display & Performance


Panel Type – VA
Panel Size – 27-inch
Aspect Ratio – 16:9
Panel Depth – 8 bits

The AOC 27B2H houses a VA panel with 27-inch screen size and that offers excellent contrast ratio with narrow viewing angles.

This monitor comes with 16:9 aspect ratio with panel depth of 8 bits so it can display 16.7 million colors which makes it a colorful panel for most SDR tasks.

Screen Clarity

Resolution – FHD | 1920x1080p
PPI – 81 PPI

This monitor has FHD screen resolution which means 1920×1080 pixels resolution and that results in 81 PPI on the 27-inch screen size.

This budget VA monitor has average text clarity, but it is great for viewing from a distance. It offers fantastic visibility so you will be able to put this monitor at a comfortable distance.


Peak Brightness – 250-nits

The Dell SE2722HX has mediocre 250-nits peak brightness and that is insufficient for a monitor of this size. It seems quite dull in a well-lit room.

The reflection handling is acceptable because of the anti-glare coating on the display, but it would have been excellent with a high peak brightness.


Contrast Ratio – 1000:1

This monitor’s contrast ratio is 3000:1, which is decent, making it great for dark-rooms.

We recommend this monitor for dark-rooms because it displays deep blacks, thanks to its high contrast ratio.

Viewing Angles

Viewing Angles (H/V) – 178°/178°

The Dell SE2722HX has narrow viewing angles compared to IPS monitors and the colors shift while viewing from the sides.

If you want a monitor with wide viewing angles and better colors, check out the AOC 27B2H.

Color Coverage

sRGB – 84%

The color coverage is standard 84% sRGB on this monitor, which is quite narrow for modern tasks.

It lacks colors, and the screen feels quite dull for creative tasks.

Response Time

Response Time – 5ms

The Dell SE2722HX has 5ms minimum response time and it should not bother office users, but if you are a gamer, you should definitely skip this one.

Refresh Rate

Refresh Rate – 75Hz

The refresh rate is limited to 75Hz only so that might not interest enthusiastic gamers. Still, it is a smooth monitor for basic use compared to 60Hz monitors.

If you want a gaming monitor for similar price, check out the LG 24GN600-B.


Black Frame Insertion – N/A

The Dell SE2722HX does not have BFI (Black Frame Insertion).



The Dell SE2722HX is not HDR certified.


Adaptive Sync

VESA Adaptive Sync matches the refresh rate of display with the frame-rate coming from the GPU.

AMD FreeSync

AMD FreeSync eliminates the screen-tearing and stutter, providing a clear gaming experience.

Blue Light Filter

Blue Light Filter eliminates the harmful blue light from the screen so that your eyes do not strain.

Flicker-Free Tech

Flicker-Free Technology eliminates flicker, so that you get a consistent viewing experience at all brightness levels.


Video Inputs

1x HDMI 1.4
1x VGA

The Dell SE2722HX offers a single HDMI 1.4 port and a VGA port for video connections.

Both the video ports supports [email protected], but we recommend using the HDMI for the best output.

USB, Other Ports


There are no USB ports or audio out ports on this monitor.

That’s a Wrap!

The Dell SE2722HX is a basic office monitor for corporate spaces. It gets the job done and the main focus of this monitor is on the display, since there are no extra features except the AMD FreeSync. The price-tag is approachable, and this monitor is a great choice to give your employees in the office.

If I would have to purchase a 27-inch monitor, I would never buy it because I prefer IPS monitors anyday, but this is a great choice for bulk setups.

Dell SE2722HX: Ratings


★★★☆☆ | 3.4/5

All Factors Considered


3.5/5 Mediocre


The display is VA, has decent visibility, but colors seem dull.


3.7/5 Good


The build quality of this monitor is excellent, but stand lacks swivel, height and pivot.


3/5 Mediocre


It does not have many features, also the connectivity is poor.

The Good

  • Excellent build quality
  • Display has excellent dark-room performance
  • Good visibility for putting at a distance

The Bad

  • Narrow viewing angles
  • No speakers
  • Connectivity is poor
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