Are Cheap Monitors Bad For Your Eyes?


Cheap monitors are often considered bad and are alway less-respected than the premium ones, but let me tell you that the cheap monitors are keep getting good and offer the best value for your hard-earned money.

Many buyers are concerned about the quality of cheap monitors and research a lot before purchasing one. The most common query people have is are the cheap monitors bad for your eyes?

Well, cheap monitors are the best for your eyes and they do not cause eye-strain after prolonged use. There are certain features that cheap monitors as well as premium monitors should have to make them comfortable for our eyes which we will discuss ahead in this article.

Do Cheap Monitors Cause Eye-Strain?

Cheap monitors usually have the best set of features to prevent eye-strain and that is main concern among buyers these days.

Hence manufacturers provide certain eye-saving features that every buyer should check before making a purchase.

If your eyes strain too much after prolonged use, make sure to purchase a monitor with eye-care features.

Most modern monitors have these eye-care features, but in this article I will provide you with the complete list of features that you should check before making a purchase and will also link some buying guides in this post so that it will be easy for you to pick the right one.

How to Save Your Eyes From Cheap Monitors?

If you are buying a cheap monitor, makes sure the monitor has below mentioned features to save your eyes from straining and itching. You can also check our recommended monitors that are not bad for your eyes.

1. Low Blue Light Mode

Low Blue Light mode is the most common feature nowadays. It reduces the harmful blue light emission from the screen so that your eyes do not strain in the dark while reading.

Almost all modern computer monitors have this feature to prevent eye-strain, and if you are struggling to find this, it should be in the OSD menu of the monitor.

It also comes built-in to the Windows OS and Mac OS for those who have a very old monitor when these eye-care features were not used to be the most needed thing.

Some manufacturers call it Low Blue Light Mode, while brands like LG call it Reader Mode, and Samsung calls it Eye-Saver mode, so do not get confused.

2. Flicker-Free Technology

If you go beyond the display and try to learn how do monitors work, then you will find one thing that the display constantly refreshes in fractions of second to provide a consistent viewing experience.

However, some monitors flicker at some brightness levels and that might cause headache or eye-strain. Hence, make sure the monitor has flicker-free technology so that you get consistent viewing experience at all brightness levels.

3. Automatic Brightness Function

Well, not all monitors have this feature, but BenQ was the first to implement automatic brightness feature and we are impressed by how flawlessly it works.

We first noticed this feature on the BenQ GW2480 and we think it is most convenient feature till date on a monitor.

It automatically adjusts the brightness of the monitor according to the amount of light in the room, giving a comfortable viewing experience to the eyes.

4. Color Weakness Modes

Many individuals have color weaknesses in which they are unable to distinguish between colors.

Affected people have red and green deficiency as the most common. Hence, some monitor manufacturers provide color weakness modes in which the chosen color is removed from the picture to make it comfortable for the affected ones.

5. Adjustable Stand

Lack of adjustable stand can also make the monitor bad for your eyes. Getting a right posture and position is one of the most crucial things, and cheap monitors fail to deliver that.

It is hard to get an adjustable monitor for a cheap price, but that is something a lot buyers forget over the excitement of cheap price.

That is why we always recommend spending your money on a good display that is not only good at viewing, but at ergonomics as well.

Should You Purchase a Cheap Monitor?

Cheap monitors are keep getting good and that is where the real updates and benefits lie and because of the competition, the manufacturers keep making good cheap monitors.

We highly recommend getting cheap monitors from a good established brand, only if they have the afore-mentioned features to save your eyes from straining, hurting, itching or anything that causes discomfort.

You should check out the Sceptre E248W-19203R because it has Flicker-Free technology and Blue Light Shift.

The Acer R240HY is also a great cheap monitor with eye-care tech, and Acer calls it Acer Vision Care.

Adjustability is also one of the most important features, and the HP 24mh is the cheapest monitor with an adjustable stand.

That’s a Wrap!

We think the humble cheap monitors are not bad for your eyes, it is your decision of purchasing a harmful cheap monitor that is bad.

Many cheap monitors are good and they come with good set of specifications, so next time whenever you purchase a monitor, make sure to check out these features before making a purchase.

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