What’s Happening Backstage?

At Monitor Savvy, our mission is to provide the most authentic and transparent monitor reviews to consumers who are not tech-savvy and get easily confused by looking at the options in the industry.

Who We Are? What We Do?

We are a team of display enthusiasts who run this website to share our knowledge with consumers so that they can make an informed decision. We started this website in 2019 with a mission to help consumers online in buying the right monitors for their setups. It was all started when we noticed that a lot of consumers end up buying a wrong monitor because of the lack of knowledge and that really ended up hurting us. We did not want this to continue hence we launched this website where we review, make lists and publish buying guides related to computer monitors.

Our hardworking team works day and night to fulfil the queries of buyers. The way of our working is very simple yet the most effective and straight to the point. We shortlist monitors and research a lot regarding them on the Internet about the positives and negatives of the monitors before publishing them on our site. We know even a non-tech savvy guy would be able to do this, but it requires a lot of time, and our team constantly does the research to save your time while purchasing a monitor.

Why Trust Us?

Because we are not biased. We do not take sponsorships from the brands as of now because we are more focused towards providing transparent and authentic monitor reviews to our readers. We put more weight towards the customer feedbacks so that the new buyers know what other consumers are experiencing about the monitor. Our buying guides surpasses certain checks before going online and the hard-working team constantly updates the older buying guides with the newer options so that our readers can get the most accurate and newest monitor recommendations.

We have expertise in displays and our team has a great knowledge in the monitor specifications and we have a capability of recommending a monitor by studying the specifications. However, the quality and performance vary from brand-to-brand, so we do not rely just on the specifications and we consider customer feedbacks, as well as brand reliability for more secure insights.

What Tasks We Perform?

Over the past few years, we have helped thousands of buyers online in buying the right monitors for their setups.

Team Work

Our team has a great expertise in displays and monitors. We have worked across various sites on the Internet before launching this site so we have a good understanding of all the stuff.

Hard-Core Research

We are here to help and that requires a lot effort because to stay in industry, you need to provide the best piece of buying guides, reviews, and recommendations. Our team does research day and night to provide valuable monitor reviews.

Updated Content

We update content with newer options and buying opportunities to provide the latest benefits and dated recommendations to our readers. Our dedicated team for updates constantly searches for newer options to replace the older ones.

Ultimate Transparency

Our reviews are transparent and unbiased. We do get offers from brands about making a positive reviews and stuff, but we never do this because our readers trust is our primary focus.

Open To Feedbacks

We would love to hear from you if you have any feedbacks whether it be positive or negative. Our mission is to improve day-by-day and get better at what we are doing right now.

We Are Curious

We love this job of researching about monitors and constantly finding the new options to help our readers and we are ready to face our future challenges.

Meet Our Hardworking Team

People behind this website.

Pritul Gohil


A tech-savvy guy who helps people online in buying the right gadgets. He has worked across various tech sites on the Internet that publishes buying guides and reviews related to portable tablets, laptops, and digitizers.

Branden Lambert


Branden is a display reviewer with a Bachelor’s degree from New York University. He tests and reviews most monitors that you see at Monitor Savvy while working on his own benchmark projects on the side.

Emma Lawler


Emma is a monitor enthusiast, and she curates lists of monitors, makes comparisons, and reviews them at Monitor Savvy. You will mostly see her finding customer reviews and reading posts on Reddit.

Jerry Smith


Jerry writes about monitors and displays at Monitor Savvy. He loves to make complex explanations simple and has contributed in a lot of websites on the Internet.